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The Complete HTML Course has been improved and expanded
and is now even better, that's why we're calling it

The Complete Website Coding Course.

What does it include?

  • HTML

    - Illustrated manual, 103 pages
    - 5 videos, 85 mins
    - 3 tool videos, 35 mins
  • CSS - NEW!

    - Illustrated manual, 45 pages
    - 4 videos, 65 mins
  • PHP - NEW!

    - 2 videos, 20 mins

Right. Let's Talk About Benefits.

  • You don't need expensive editors!
  • You don't need to pay someone to do it!
  • You design the layout!
  • You choose the graphics!
  • You write the text!
  • You choose the colors!
  • You only need a PC, MS-Notepad and a browser!
  • And The Complete Website Coding Course package!
HTML programming

What People Said About
The Complete HTML Course

I bought The Complete HTML Course and it's great. From the vocab in red to the pictures pointing out various codes. It is a very well designed course, and I would recommend it to anyone. From the beginner to the guru, it's a great course for all references.
Dustin Langley, (Warrior)

"What about all the free programming courses on the web?", I hear you ask. Indeed! What about them?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the large majority of them but ... most of the ones I have seen will have you clicking into up to 20 different tutorials - that's twenty! And they'll have you clicking further taking you to see many rather boring typed pages!

They don't give you what The Complete Website Coding Course gives you ...... a course.

A course which shows you, pictorially, the things that you want to do, then shows the code needed to achieve it, then explains the tags used in that example one by one. And to top it off - the code is there for the taking. Just Copy and Paste!

In other words just about every situation you can imagine is shown with the way to do it. In The Complete Website Coding Course.

What People Said About
The Complete HTML Course

I want to say that the course has excellent potential for up and coming web makers. It's the ideal place to get started.
Chris Janssen

What Does The HTML Book contain?
A Preview.

There Is More!

So you have the The Complete Website Coding Course with the examples, the explanations and the 'free' code. Quite a handful, its not free, no, but almost!

Now, because some people are more visually receptive than others, I decided to make The Complete Website Coding Course even more attractive.

When you purchase The Complete Website Coding Course, I will give you The HTML Companion Video Set. These five HTML tutorials let you watch over my shoulder as I take a blank web page and step by step turn it into a complete sales page.
  • essential html
  • web design tutorial
The five HTML video tutorials fill more than one and a half hours and Volume 5 shows you which attributes to use in the META tags and how to sprinkle the keywords through your page for better Search Engine recognition.

So what are you waiting for?

Immediate Download!

What People Said About
The Complete HTML Course

I like the way this is laid out - I'm just starting HTML but have been programming for years. There was a lot I knew but I also learnt a lot from The Complete HTML Course. I wish I could have got my hands on this course when I was starting out.
Jeff Bluemel

Not Yet Convinced That
The Complete Website Coding Course
Is Exactly What You Want?

What People Said About
The Complete HTML Course

Complete Website Coding Course customer
I have learned more about HTML in the first 21 pages of this course than I have from any other source, and I have checked out a lot of them believe me.
I like the 'no fluff, no BS' approach. Just good solid information that can be put to immediate use. The Complete HTML Course is great! I would recommend it to anyone that is trying to get a handle on what to do with HTML and how to do it.
It's worth a lot more than I paid for it. Thanks for a great HTML information source.
Jack Bowles

Then we have CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. They take the graft out of your development, give you the ultimate flexibility to manipulate your website presentation and maintainance a piece of doddle.

That's why you get another 5 video tutorials. Number one introduces you to CSS and the other 4 show you the transition from an "old" HTML page to a CSS managed one.

  • css tutorials
  • css videos

But wait!

To make your coding, testing and maintainence even more simple there's PHP. So included is the video tutorial "PHP in HTML" plus another on how to organise a local test environment on your pc with XAMMP.

  • php tutorials
  • css tutorials
  • php videos

And wait again .....

css and php

Still Not Convinced?
Read On!

I had a long think about you, yes, you.
You want to programme your own webpage - right?
But what then?
Getting it uploaded to the site provider's server.
And using their user interface?
And then there's selling? What about installing a PayPal.....

button on your site?

Immediate download!

That is why you also get, believe it or not, another three video tutorials.


1 - Installing the PayPay Buy Now button.
2 - Using a hosting site.
3 - Using SmartFTP.
  • essential html
  • web design tutorial

What People Said About
The Complete HTML Course

Put your price up immediately!
I am not very technically inclined and have loads of stuff which is supposed to help me with HTML - now I can throw it all out and just use yours.
The bonuses provided are also worth more than the what you charge.
Sandy du Plessis (Warrior)

What People Said About
The Complete HTML Course

Your course is brilliant, as previously mentioned! Very user friendly and informative, best $27 I've ever spent!
Steve Jones, UK.

Let's Go Through This
Incredible $9.99 Offer
One More Time!

You get:

  • The HTML Book
  • The HTML Companion Video Set
  • The CSS Video Set
  • The PHP and XAMMP Video Set
  • The CSS and PHP Video Reference
  • The Three Bonus Tool-Videos

Immediate download!

Almost Forgot!

You also get The Complete Website Coding Course HTML-exercises! Of course, with the solutions. These enable you not only to practise but to measure how much you have learned. A valuable package The Complete Website Coding Course package.
So much for so little!

On clicking the PayPal button the next page you see looks like this.

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